The Problem with Unicorns

A Classically Illustrated Children's Story for all Media

“The Problem with Unicorns” is the newest book by award-winning illustrator Gerald (Storm) Talifero. With over 40 fine art hand-drawn illustrations accompanied by a lilting, poetic verse, “The Problem With Unicorns” is a unique and beautiful Christmas gif

New-Classic Fine Art Children's eBook "The Problem with Unicorns" by Gerald Talifero comes in 7 Formats for only $10! eBooks for the computer, iPad, and Nook, mp3 Audio book, mp3 Audio book with background music, and Flash (swf) file with gift-wrapping paper you can click to unwrap that sings the story to you and turns the pages for you, so your child can watch it like a movie! A magical adventure, romance in which a wandering minstrel falls in love with a princess and is sent on a quest to find the mysterious island of the unicorns. A high quality online Christmas gift for ages 3 - 18. This book has delighted children and adults alike.

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